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Miss Dekker's 3rd Grade Shining Stars

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Welcome to 3rd grade!!!

Hello everyone! My name is Miss Dekker. What a great way to start of the year. I am looking foward to having each of you in my class. We will be doing so many fun activities that will provide many opportunities for learning. I can't wait to meet each of you.

This site is made especially for my students to get all the information they need for the week and to have a chance to ask questions when they need it. It is an educational tool that provides links to websites to provide fun learning activities. Updates will be added weekly. If you have any questions just drop me a message and I will get back to you.
Updated 4/30/09

Don't forget, we are going to the zoo next Tuesday. We will continue our study of animals in their natural habitat. Please bring your permission slips by Monday.

Your spelling test is on Friday so please study hard I know you can do it.

Meet the Challenge!

Clipart of a pencil; Size=135 pixels wide

Check this website out for a brain teaser. The person that can bring it back to me first with the answer showing all your work will get a free homework pass. No peeking at the answer.


In The News Activities
This week we read Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs. If you could make up your own town what would it be and what would be falling from the sky?

I'll post the answers on the "Class Bulletin Board" page.

Questions and Answers

Please get in touch with any questions or comments on my site.