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Miss Dekker's 3rd Grade Shining Stars

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Technology Tools
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Philosophy of Technology

In the classroom I plan to use technology whenever possible. Technology to me is a prop to my teaching. Since we are living in a technology driven world I plan to incorporate it every chance I get. I believe it is very important for the children to learn how to use different devices because they will be using them in the future. I believe that it also makes learning more fun and interesting and it differenciates instruction. I plan to use technology such as blogs, podcasting, and educational games to enhance the learning for the student. I want them to be able to blog on this website and get answers back. I want them to be able to use educational games to learn in a new way. I want them to be able to do podcasting to learn to work in groups and as a way to remember what they have learned because they can go back and watch it at any time.  These devices will be used on a regular basis in my classroom.

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