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Miss Dekker's 3rd Grade Shining Stars

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Here's a place to pursue topics in more depth than can be done in the classroom.

Here are some websites I would use for in the classroom:
This has some games we will be using for vocabulary.
We will use this website to practice our spelling words.
These are some fun games that we can play after reading Dr. Seuss books.
These are some activities that we will use for word study in the classroom.
We are going to use this website to look at different animals and we study them next week.
We are going to use this website to practice our multiplication skills.
We are going to use this website as we study about the earth.
We will use this site later on as we study about space.
We will use this site for more spelling practice.
We will use this for reading.

African Mathematics

Be sure to send me suggestions for the next In Depth segment.