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Miss Dekker's 3rd Grade Shining Stars

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Here's your chance to contribute...

If you have any questions about homework or just want so say something you can submit it on the questions and answers on the first page and I will answer them here.
Heather said she wanted to know about the homework for this week. She wanted to know what was required. For your city that you are creating I want colorful illustrations and I want to see that you made your different things coming from the sky. You can use paint, crayons, markers. It is up to you but I do want to see that you spent some time on this.

"In the News" Responses

TJ: I think my town would be the town of cheese. Everything would be made of cheese. And cheese would fall from the sky in big lumps. Then graded cheese in the afternoons.

Class Comments

I recieved a comment that some of you were not understanding the use of inferences in our story. Thank you for letting me know. I will be sure to go over it in class tomorrow. Remember that inferences are when you are making a quick judgment about something.

Because this page depends on class contributions, I might post my e-mail address again in this area.