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Miss Dekker's 3rd Grade Shining Stars

Technology Devices In The Classroom
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Technology Devices In The Classroom
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Info on technology.

These are some of the technology devices I will be using in the classroom.
1. I plan to use Laptop computers in my classroom to take tests. They will also get to see virtual field trips on them.
2. It o plan to use Digital cameras in the classroom for science. As we watch things grow we will take pictures and put them in our journals.
3. I plan to use an electronic whiteboard in the classroom. This will be used in place of a chalk board and will allow the children to see things more clearly as we both cooperate to use it.
4. I plan to use headphones for the classroom computer so they can use them to listen to stories and read along.
5. I plan to use a wireless connection on all the computers so that I can have the children use the internet on a restricted basis.

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